Tarantula’s Minds

Let’s know each other better…

First of all we start as passionates to the fields to which we dedicate ourselves:

PaoGun, the screenwriter of our titles and aspiring as a professional, has a degree in course of Art and Performing Arts, which has brought her closer and closer to the great classics of cinema, she will do her best to apply her studies! Actually she is is continuing her studies in the field of communication and journalism. She is also passionate about human sciences, a subject for which she only received her diploma, and studies self-taught psychoanalysis.

Ele (or EleRantula), the gameplay director and who kneads hands in the dirty tool, is currently still a student of the linguistic address in high school. She is a “fandomian” or, as she defines herself, a “damn weeb”. But, in addition to this, she is also a passionate gamer, for which she wrote articles for a while at iCrewPlay.com, and tries to analyze what she plays (after some healthy rant and/or overflowing happiness) to praise certain choices and twist her nose to others, to increase her critical sense that’s still growing up and to take inspiration from the titles that had her impressed.

Everything’s nice, but how the hell did you end up on RPG Maker?

Like everything in this nefarious lifeit originates from chance.

We fell in love with Horror RPGs through Youtube in 2012, moving from the FavijTV series on Mad Father to the series of Giulyagatta97 on The Witch’s House and progressing with MoiraVanCartier, Tsuhirito and finally ManlyBadassHero. However, given that we had “arrubbuttate” (from the ancient Aramaic of Puglia, “annoyed”) to see thousands of points of view of the titles we were passionate about, we wanted to have ours too, so we started playing these games directly with us and then analyze them better.

From these approaches, the love for the current Horror RPG has strengthened, bringing to birth what will be the “Tarantula’s Puppets Saga”. 

Horror has always stood out for a particular: it is perhaps the only genre capable of making us passionate about the worst side of the human being, highlighting both their fears and their sick passions that they may have always kept in their unconscious.