Possible Demo Release

Yeah, yeah we know. We said that we wouldn’t release demos of “The rebirth of Franklin Albrecht” but things have changed since we left and for this we write this news article just to tell you some stuff.


So, welcome to this brand new news section! Making posts on Facebook wasn’t enough to explain all the news we had to present to you… Also chatting in this new format is much more enjoyable! But without further ado let’s get to the point.
Perhaps we have already told someone or you may have already understood it, but this summer we found ourselves undergoing major changes on the script which consequently led us to modify parts that we had already made in the past (at a distance of like two years now) and this has significantly slowed down production times and release expectations.


We want to reassure you that now the script is complete, every time we make the scenes we have the document to consult. And precisely because we are now sure of our guidelines and our working method has modernized we have more certainties in our hands to be able to release a demo.
We finally got to the heart of the news.

When will it be released? How long will it last?
We can say first of all that we have already decided the point at which the demo will end, considering the remaining scenes and minigames to be prepared… Objectively speaking it does not take long. The big “ball and chain” that we have are and will remain the graphics. Arrangement of new potraits, CGs, artworks, sprites to animate (for information, we have reached more than 600 sprites in the game folder!) And now we will also add the UI interface to be prepared at least in a “beta” version if we want to release a demo, just to make you enjoy 100% of the vibes and atmospheres in which you will immerse yourself.

If all goes according to plans, something concrete can come out by this spring, perhaps; obviously, the revelation of the new artworks will probably happen earlier, perhaps already by Halloween. There will be a little surprise to make the scariest holiday of the year memorable! And don’t forget the trailer. Obviously there will be a trailer that will anticipate the demo to have more information about the game.
Plus you won’t have to worry about some kind of updates by us for another reason…


In addition to always having the news at your fingertips on our updates via the Facebook page, if you view our profile on Instagram you will notice the “Madness” story, full of funny anecdotes that happen during production if you want to stay up to date and enjoy so too some small spoilers. Also on Twitter we take care of keeping active in the field of Horror RPGs and we are trying to circulate a stimulating flow of content. Indeed, for a few days we are also on Tumblr where we will post various production updates (that we will publish on Itch.Io as well), so the updates on the demo processing could be released already from there!

In short… Maybe Frankie could be a walking corpse, but us, we aren’t it for sure!

So… Keep an eye on us!